Guide Player & Guide Editor

Using protocols & making protocols

The Guide system consists of two parts: the Guide Editor website and the Guide Player mobile app. 


The Guide Editor is a website that can be accessed via any modern browser.

The Editor provides a convenient way to create protocols for any activity. You can also access existing "Gold Standard" protocols and even create copies and modify them to suit a particular individual. You can share your protocols with other users of the system, and they can share their protocols with you. If you have a useful protocol you can even submit it for Gold Standard approval.

Accessing the Editor requires registration and login. Here is a screenshot of editing a simple protocol using the Guide Editor:

Guide Editor


The Guide Player is a mobile app that can run on Android or iOS devices (tablets and phones).

When you log in on the device, protocols for specific activities of daily living are loaded from the editor website.

The protocols can then be manually triggered or scheduled to run on the device.

The player issues prompts and questions, and users interact with the player by speaking to it. At present the Guide Player recognises the responses "yes", "no", "what?", "back", "pause" and "done".

When you sign up for the Guide system, you get access to both parts so that you can create, edit and share your own "protocols". You also get access to the Gold Standard protocols. You decide which protocols are available on the device, and you decide who can have access to edit or use your protocols. When you sign into the app on a device, you get access to those protocols that you have flagged as ready for use on the app.

Here is a screenshot of the main protocol list on the Android app on a tablet device:

Guide Player on Android